Real Customer Natural Hair Dye Celebrity Testimonials

Celebrity Wall of Fame: 
While we do have TV celebrities using our dye (sorry we respect their privacy), we consider all of our customers celebrities! 

I'm so excited this is the best blonde I ever had photos doing NO justice as I look in mirror its so "me" 

like my dream color......I love the tone that is both warm and cool same time depending on how eye grabs it like that's always been my thing..there is a name for this color on tip of my tongue I keep trying to think of it!

like antique gold ..but there is another name ...a metal...color that's both warm and cool same time...looks gray and gold same time..i even read about a queen in mid century who was obsessed with the color lol so am I.....

I will need to keep this up!!!


Thank you for such an awesome product! I bought others that said it was chemical free was not chemical free. I had a bad reaction to chemical hair dye, so I don't have a choice. Then the ones I did find that had 0 chemicals just did not work. I am glad I did not give up and found you.

It looks and feels better than chemical hair dye and was just as easy to use and works extremely well! It also matches my exact hair color. This is HUGE! Copper brown/brown mix




Eddie - Customer for life!

I just wanted to say thank you for a wonderful product. I tried every natural product you could find and none were natural. I had given up until a friend told me about EarthDye. I was starting to get depressed with white hair and chemical hair dye was not an option. 

Wichita, KS

I wanted to dye my hair for a very long time and my mom always said NO! After doing tons of research I found your website and showed it to my mother. Now both of use earth dye to dye our hair. I am glad I have a mother that loves me and very happy I found earth dye. Here is a picture of me using natural red on my medium to light brown hair. It made it a beautiful auburn. Can't wait to try other colors! 

Julia K


Kit Kat         Seattle, WA

“EarthDye is by far the best hair dye I have ever used.  The color is very rich and the conditioning is fabulous.  I get 100% grey coverage and it’s super easy to apply.  As an Ethical Vegan with high chemical sensitivity, I’m thrilled to find an effective hair dye that is cruelty free and contains zero animal products or chemicals.  Rod provides an overall wonderful product and outstanding personalized customer service.  Thanks EarthDye!”

Susan Y 
Merrick, NY 

I was looking way older than I needed to and chemicals was not an option. Your natural hair dye made me look younger instantly and has really conditioned my hair. Thank you for a wonderful product

Mrs. Nathaniel

Rocksford, MI

Hi, I am Leslie from Houston, Texas and just wanted to say your natural hair dye is awesome! I am turning 50 this year and looking 15 years younger thanks to EarthDye. Please do not stop selling these wonderful products!

Houston, Texas

Yeah! No more gray! It came out perfect! I love it! I mixed deep red with mahogany. Thank you for your excellent customer support, it more than exceeded my expectations and arrived super fast as well.

Happy customer!

North Carolina

You saved my life! literally! 5 times I went to the ER, and 5 times everyone scratched there heads. One phone call to Rod Harper and I learned I was having a bad reaction to chemical hair dye! Not 1 doctor could figure this out!

I am a customer for life! No more chemicals for me!

Alexandria, VA 

Not only do I own the company, I use the product!

Rod Harper

Largo, Florida

I used burgundy and really love it. It does not smell awful like chemical hair dye. 

Very good product, thank you! 

Jody G

It came out darker than I expected but I LOVE IT! Thank you for your upstanding customer service, the internet needs to learn from your company.


This is my "new hair color" addiction!

A friend whose hair I have always admired recommended EarthDye after I had an unsatisfactory salon experience. I tried the Natural Red and love it! Not only is the color perfect but it feels healthier than it has in years! In addition, EarthDye has assisted with answering questions and suggested other colors I may want to try in the future. I am so happy to have found this and look forward to spreading the word to others!

Linda M.

Ruskin , Florida

I love the coverage and depth of color I get from this natural hair dye. My natural color is (or was) very close to the color I get using the dark brown dye. I don’t like using harsh chemicals, so I appreciate this amazing product that promotes healthy hair and allows me to cover my gray in an all natural way!

Melissa, Texas

LOVE THIS PRODUCT!!!!  The color is beautiful and NO BAD REACTION!!  I never thought I could color my hair again after many years of severe allergic reactions to regular hair dyes, but this is a game changer!  I love that I can color right down to  my roots.  The color deepened overnight (like the information sheet said it would) and I loved the deeper shade of brown even better!  I bought the Light Brown and Dark Brown and mixed them together to make a Medium Brown.  It turned out perfectly!  Plus, I have shorter length hair so I divided all that I had (dry) mixed together and have enough for 3 more colorings.  That makes the cost even less than commercial brands.  Thank you Earth Dye for a superior product.  You have a grateful new customer for life!