EarthDye natural hair and beard dye is made from plants grown in India. It is chemical free. The odds of you having a bad reaction is less than being allergic to peanuts. EarthDye natural beard dye is good for your hair and beard plus safe for our environment.

When you purchase EarthDye natural hair and beard dye, we ship it the same day (excluding national holidays). 

EarthDye works on all body hair, even eyebrows. Make sure you follow our instructions, unless otherwise advised by a EarthDye professional. 

EarthDye natural hair dye works on 99.9% of the people who use it.  You can mix and match any of our hair dyes to create more colors or darken colors. Please remember our dye will not go lighter. Our dyes will not make your hair color lighter. For example, if you have dark brown hair and use light brown your hair will still be dark brown.

If you have questions about our all natural hair dye, send us an email from our contact page or call us at 321-218-3232