Pure Indigo Powder/ Plum Purple

Indigo Makes a few different colors:



100% All Natural Indigo hair dye is an awesome way to get black hair and purple hair. Some people can get away with using indigo with out henna, but in some cases you have to use henna first and then indigo to get a jet black. To get purple all you need is beer.

Indigo is what they use to make blue jeans blue and it is also used in a few food colorings.There is several man made indigo's as well, this is synthetic indigo. For hair we only use raw plant indigo. Do not be alarmed when you rinse you hair and you see blue or green and also do not be alarmed when you see your gray is blue or green. It should turn black over night and get darker over 48 hours, unless you want to make your hair purple. if so then make sure you follow the instructions for pruple. 

Mix indigo with warm water to the consistency of pudding and immediately apply to hair. DO NOT let it sit on the counter. Indigo looses its staining power quickly, so make sure you apply just after mixing. Remember, some people can get away with using indigo hair color and nothing else. Using henna first and then indigo is permanent.


Indigo - Pure Indigo (Indigofera Tinctorius)