All Natural Hair Dye

When we say natural, we mean 100% natural. Natural like they did thousands of years ago, only better. EarthDye™ is made to cover gray and condition your hair at the same time with no chemicals.  We have helped thousands get off the chemical hair dye and we can help you also. You can use it on all body hair including eyebrows. 

EarthDye Is 100% Natural Hair Dye that Keeps You Looking Natural

Have you been burned by or had adverse reactions to chemical hair dye? EarthDye covers better, takes less time, is 100% natural, hypoallergenic and lasts longer than any chemical or natural dye on the market.

Any of our dyes will work on the face, sideburns, head, eyebrows and even "personal areas".

Just follow our directions and you will be on your way to a new younger looking you! All of our dyes are 100% vegan and 100% chemical free. It is the best natural hair dye money can buy.

  • 100% Hypoallergenic and plant based, zero chemicals

  • Works in as little as 30 minutes

  • One pack is enough to do bra length hair, 50 mustaches, 40 goatees, or 10 full beards

  • It's permanent to semi-permanent; this depends your hair.

  • It's safe for the entire family

  • It's super easy to use

  • Pleasant smell

  • Same day shipping

  • If you are not happy with our product return it within 30 days for a 100% refund

  • We will exchange any unopened of (equal or less value) package for another color of your choosing at any time

  • 100%  secure check out. Your information is safe

  • EarthDye is formulated to blend naturally with your current hair color

Kick the Chemicals


It does not matter if chemical dyes made you sick or you are just health conscious, EarthDye™ is the most natural dye you can find. It works better and looks more natural than chemical hair dye and restores your hair back to its natural state and it's planet friendly.

EarthDye™ Is a Winner


People are switching to EarthDye every day.

​Some because they are health conscious and many because chemical hair dye gave them a rash.


EarthDye repairs and conditions your hair as it colors it, all from natural plants that come from India. Natural hair dye does not get more natural.

  • Rid split ends

  • Stops thinning hair

  • Stops balding

  • Start repairing your hair. The more you use it, the better shape your hair will be in. Block out harmful UV rays and lock in nutrients. The sooner you start, the better.

Eddie after using EarthDye
What our clients are saying:

Thank you for such an awesome product! I bought others that said they were chemical free, but were not chemical free. I had a bad reaction to chemical hair dye, so I don't have a choice. Then the ones I did find that had zero chemicals just did not work. I am glad I did not give up and found you.

It looks and feels better than chemical hair dye and was just as easy to use and works extremely well!




Eddie - Customer for life!