About EarthDye™

Rod Harper, the founder of EarthDye™ products, proudly introduces his EarthDye™ product line.  As the result of Mr. Harper’s investigation and analysis of hundreds of natural dyes that produce color and come from plants, EarthDye’s products reach never-before seen levels of quality and performance.  Simply, EarthDye’s products use the highest quality ingredients, which has allowed the company to offer its customers the best natural chemical free hair and beard dye on the market all while not using any chemicals.


EarthDye products benefit from Mr. Harper’s extensive experimentation with various natural ingredients while he continues examination of ingredients and formulations in creating EarthDye.  Mr. Harper notes that "at EarthDye, it is my mission to create the best natural hair and beard dye the planet has to offer".  It was and remains critical that my products work exceptionally well and provide consistent, dependable performance.  This goal was complicated by the fact that many henna products become unreliable due to factors such as exposure to air and harmful SUV rays.  At EarthDye, we have solved these problems and proudly offer products that will perform time after time.


EarthDye hair and beard dye is well-known around the globe.  Mr. Harper reflected that ”I put my heart and soul into research and development and took immense pride in EarthDye's ability to create a loyal group of customers who appreciated the value of our 100% chemical free products as well as our customer-focused approach to the dye business. Every customer is extremely important to us and we gain immense satisfaction from helping people look better, while freeing them from the all-too-common problems associated with chemical dyes -- our customers never need worry about getting burned by chemical hair and beard dye. I have spoken with numerous people who ended up in the hospital after using chemical hair and beard dye; it was downright scary.”


To Mr. Harper, EarthDye is extremely personal.  “I love talking to my customers and helping people understand how our products work. It is amazing how many sites are selling henna hair dye or other natural products and do not even have a phone number.  Since creating EarthDye I still answer the phone and offer a no questions asked 100% money back guarantee. Reputation and word of mouth are my best allies. I treat my customers the way I would want to be treated. That’s the way it should be.